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Anne Klein and Her Stunning Jewelry Designs

Today the name Anne Klein is associated with everything from eyewear to hosiery and everything in between, and yes it is still associated with jewelry, although in her earliest days Anne Klein designed costume jewelry and that is what she was known for.

Anne Klein was born in New York City. She started as a sketcher in 1938 and then 10 years later she started her Junior Sophisticates. In 1968 Anne Klein & Co was launched. She was a fashion pioneer from the very beginning with a special understanding of what it was women were looking for. She created clothing that was extremely comfortable to wear while still remaining sophisticated and chic!

And when she decided to make costume jewelry part of her collections she once again didn’t let woman down. From stunning Christmas ornament brooches adorned with Lucite and Rhinestones to creamy white faux pearl necklaces and everything in between. Her jewelry collection was wearable and memorable.

What’s your style when it comes to the jewelry you like to wear? Or do you even bother with it? If you don’t wear it or you don’t know your style you are missing on an opportunity to complete your fashion statement. Jewelry is an important part of your accessories and every wardrobe needs to include jewelry.

What’s great about costume jewelry is its versatility and affordability. Designers like Anne Klein created unique pieces that were often more beautiful than fine jewelry which often followed the same traditional designs.

Costume jewelry wasn’t afraid to use vibrant colors, large stones, interesting designs that are certainly going to be noticed. In fact, don’t be surprised if you are the envy of the other women when you walk in wearing one of Anne Klein’s stunning costume jewelry pieces.

Of course there are other designers that created terrific vintage costume jewelry pieces. Take Trifari for example, who is known for producing some of the most beautiful pieces around. It’s great that so many of these vintage pieces can still be found. What’s nice with the vintage jewelry pieces is that the older it becomes the rarer it becomes and so it’s a great way to stand out in the crowd. You aren’t likely to find someone else at a function wearing the same piece as you.

Of course modern pieces are beautiful too, and there’s nothing wrong with buying new, you just need to remember that others will likely have the same beautiful piece as you.

Whether you are looking at Anne Klein and her stunning jewelry designs or one of the other famous designers isn’t nearly as important as knowing what your fashion style is and what you want your jewelry to say about you.

For some big and bold might be perfect while for others something a little smaller might be right. Do you like bold or subtle, do you like beads or pearls, and do you like big earrings or studs? If you aren’t sure of your likes and dislikes why not make a list. That can be really helpful. More importantly just start by buying something you think you will like and then take it from there and grow your fashion statement.