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Anne Klein and Her Stunning Jewelry Designs

Today the name Anne Klein is associated with everything from eyewear to hosiery and everything in between, and yes it is still associated with jewelry, although in her earliest days Anne Klein designed costume jewelry and that is what she was known for.

Anne Klein was born in New York City. She started as a sketcher in 1938 and then 10 years later she started her Junior Sophisticates. In 1968 Anne Klein & Co was launched. She was a fashion pioneer from the very beginning with a special understanding of what it was women were looking for. She created clothing that was extremely comfortable to wear while still remaining sophisticated and chic!

And when she decided to make costume jewelry part of her collections she once again didn’t let woman down. From stunning Christmas ornament brooches adorned with Lucite and Rhinestones to creamy white faux pearl necklaces and everything in between. Her jewelry collection was wearable and memorable.

What’s your style when it comes to the jewelry you like to wear? Or do you even bother with it? If you don’t wear it or you don’t know your style you are missing on an opportunity to complete your fashion statement. Jewelry is an important part of your accessories and every wardrobe needs to include jewelry.

What’s great about costume jewelry is its versatility and affordability. Designers like Anne Klein created unique pieces that were often more beautiful than fine jewelry which often followed the same traditional designs.

Costume jewelry wasn’t afraid to use vibrant colors, large stones, interesting designs that are certainly going to be noticed. In fact, don’t be surprised if you are the envy of the other women when you walk in wearing one of Anne Klein’s stunning costume jewelry pieces.

Of course there are other designers that created terrific vintage costume jewelry pieces. Take Trifari for example, who is known for producing some of the most beautiful pieces around. It’s great that so many of these vintage pieces can still be found. What’s nice with the vintage jewelry pieces is that the older it becomes the rarer it becomes and so it’s a great way to stand out in the crowd. You aren’t likely to find someone else at a function wearing the same piece as you.

Of course modern pieces are beautiful too, and there’s nothing wrong with buying new, you just need to remember that others will likely have the same beautiful piece as you.

Whether you are looking at Anne Klein and her stunning jewelry designs or one of the other famous designers isn’t nearly as important as knowing what your fashion style is and what you want your jewelry to say about you.

For some big and bold might be perfect while for others something a little smaller might be right. Do you like bold or subtle, do you like beads or pearls, and do you like big earrings or studs? If you aren’t sure of your likes and dislikes why not make a list. That can be really helpful. More importantly just start by buying something you think you will like and then take it from there and grow your fashion statement.

5 Common Mistakes While Buying Religious Jewelry

Jewelry shopping is always a very tedious and time-consuming process. It is advisable that you invest a lot of time in doing a thorough research before finally purchasing the jewelry you like and want. When it comes to buying spiritual jewelry it becomes all the more important that you invest a lot of time in doing the research before finally purchasing the jewelry.

Religious jewelry is worn to symbolize ones faith and is no longer considered outdated and old fashioned. You will find a lot of fashionable and trendy religious jewelry in stores as well as on the Internet provided you spend sometime in looking for what you want. With the technological advancements jewelers are now able to make religious ornaments that is fashionable as well.

There are some common mistakes that should be avoided while you are on the lookout for purchasing religious jewelries.

  1. Invest time when you are purchasing religious jewelries: The most common mistake that we all often tend to do is the above-mentioned point. Buying holy jewelry is not comparable to buying groceries. If you are short of time then it is advisable that you keep away from the jewelry store and come to the store only when you have ample time to choose and select the religious charms you want. A lot has already been emphasized about this point in the beginning of this article.
  2. Never buy jewelry from inexperienced shopkeepers: When it comes to purchasing holy jewelry you are advised to visit stores that have plenty of experience in dealing with religious jewelry. Never visit an in experienced shopkeeper just because they are offering great discounts. These are precious items and you are not going to buy it on a monthly or yearly basis hence visit stores that have credibility and good reputation.
  3. Avoid buying religious jewelry online: You are advised to do all your research on the Internet but it is not advisable and desirable to buy religious ornaments online. It is very seldom that you are able to get spiritual jewelry online, as per your expectations and requirements.
  4. Don’t compromise on quality: Again, when you are planning to buy jewelry depicting your religion it is advisable that you don’t compromise on quality. Just to save a few bucks you will not be able to get what you were planning to buy. This is specifically true in case of religious jewelry. Spend a bit extra, if you have to but buy quality stuff when you are purchasing holy jewelry.
  5. Be very careful with the design of religious jewelry and also be cautious about the engraving: You have to be very careful while buying religious jewelry. You have to ascertain that the shape of the religious ornaments you are purchasing is absolutely in sync with what you had planned to purchase (and are as per the religious requirement). Also you should very carefully and cautiously look at the engravings when you are buying religious jewelry.

Costume Jewelry – Things You Must Know

Costume jewelry has become a fashion statement in the recent years. It not only looks stylish but also enhances your overall look. Even a plain dress can look special when complemented by the matching jewelry. Fashionable costume jewelry can be as per your taste, be it conventional or modern.

Costume jewelry as the name suggests can be made from different materials ranging from metals like silver, steel, brass to materials like wood, glass, lac etc. it can be further decorated with the added materials like beads, mirrors, bells to precious stones like emeralds, ruby, kundan and so on. The price for the jewelry depends upon the metal used for making it. The expensive the material the more expensive jewelry will be. Jewelry having precious stones embedded in it looks great and yet ethnic extending you a graceful look. You may buy the jewelry as per your budget and requirement.

Nearly all fashion accessories and jewelry items like earring, rings, anklets, necklaces etc are available in costume jewelry. The designs can be selected from a wide range of articles. This can be bought from the market or even online.

By wearing costume jewelry that goes well with your costume adds a lot to your personality and makes you look special and different from others. If you have a liking for oxidized metal, you may find a whole lot of options available in both gold and silver colors. Item with ruby and emeralds help you give a royal look. At the same time wooden bangles, earring etc go very well with the casual wear and help you look young, fresh and fashionable. It can be an essential requirement especially for weddings for both, for the bride as well as for the guests, as everyone wants to look good and special on such occasions. You may not need to spend a lot of money for buying gold jewelry and still would be able to win appreciation of others for your costume and accessories.

Jewelry Stores – A Place to Make You Feel Better

In ancient time people loved to decorate themselves with the things of nature. The wildflowers and leaves, the woods and stones, and the bones of wild animals were the ingredients of their jewelry. Then the age of metals came and man learned the use of metals. They used those metals to build their jewels and to decorate themselves. From old ages to the modern day everyone from poor to middle class or rich was attracted to jewelry.

Like in many other fields jewellery is made by high skilled individuals. From old days the jewelry making has become a source of business for lots of people. Many jewelers set up their little jewelry stores. People who love to wear jewelry come to these stores and choose from the creations or make an order to get their desired piece. Many purchase jewelry as assets for the rough times, and some purchase only to show off their wealth.

Now a day’s many jewelry stores have been opened throughout the world. Small or big every jeweler is trying to catch the eyes of the buyers. Big brands open their stores in the areas looking at the society of that place. They decorate the stores such way that people automatically get attracted towards them. Sometime they engage popular celebrities to endorse the brand and sometimes to inaugurate the stores. These give a boost to their business. The general public comes to see them which also give them the opportunity to look at the jewelry collection in the stores. Today one can find various jewelry stores for specific kind of jewelry such as stores for gold, diamond, silver, costume and even stores especially made for wedding collections. These stores often sell jewelry of their own brand as well as of other brands. Now there are also shopping malls exclusively set up for jewelry stores only. Though the price of gold has increased but still the gold jewelry retains its charm among the people. Diamond jewelry is also very popular among the ladies. Now day’s platinum is also in fashion. But that is too expensive and one can hardly afford it.

But the fashion of the day is the custom jewelry. One can find many jewelry stores which sell different kinds of custom made jewelry. Many jewelry houses have recreated the tribal and ancient jewelry into custom jewelry. That kind of jewelry is not very expensive but fashionable and happening.